Latest Research Projects

Wearables for Astronaut Performance Monitoring

space laundry system

As human space exploration missions venture further into the solar system, it is expected that the crew will have limited support from Earth’s mission control; forcing crewmembers to be highly reliant on each other as well as their spacecraft. This on-going project investigates the use of wearables as method for monitoring the crewmembers operational state and predicting performance outcomes on various tasks.

Space Laundry System

space laundry system

The ZeoWash® laundry system has designed and built to service laundry in hostile environments, such as for spaceflight, off-grid applications, remote locations. It combines a low power thermoelectric condenser and desiccant dehydrator with a tumble agitator to produce a convenient all-in-one laundry system. The system sanitizes and de-soils used clothing, garments, and linens. ZeoWash’s compact design and low profile allows it to fit in volume-constrained areas and requires minimal personnel time. The system reduces overall mass through efficient reclamation of wash water in a hybrid liquid counterweight tuned mass damper subsystem to remove the need for heavy concrete counterweights.

Spacecraft Design Simulator

design simulator

As human spaceflight systems become more complex, versatile, and interconnected, the need to better understand interactions between the human and spacecraft increases.This project developed a computational model for comparing various spacecraft design components and simulated spaceflight missions as a method for comparing outcomes of design selections.