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TSRCo Team presents at NASA's HRP Workshop

Jan 2023

Dr. Fanchiang and her students presented their work for the Human Capabilities Assessments for Autonomous Missions (HCAAM) at Galveston, Texas for NASA's annual Human Research Program Investigator's Workshop.
See the agenda topics here.

NASA Supports Small Business Research to Power Future Exploration

May 2022

NASA has selected hundreds of small businesses and dozens of research institutions to develop technology to help drive the future of space exploration, ranging from novel sensors and electronics to new types of software and cutting-edge materials. The newly awarded projects under the agency's Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) and Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR) program also include a high-power electric rocket and a coating to make solar panels more efficient that could be used both in space and here on Earth.
See the NASA SBIR Phase I 2022 Annoucments here.

TSRCo Student Wins 1st Place in Poster Competition

Jan 2022

This year's NASA Human Research Program Investigator's Workshop was a great success and provided the TSRCo Team ample opportunities to showcase their work. Kaitlyn Hauber, MS student from the University of Colorado, won NASA's student poster competition for her work with TSRCo on measuring cognitive workload using a portable functional Near Infrared Sensor (fNIRS).