Spacecraft Simulator Tool


This tool is a demo of our dynamic spacecraft design platform for analyzing human performance. Our goal is to help spacecraft designers quickly create a spacecraft design by optimizing for human factors.

How Does it Work?

Simply complete each of the sections navigatable by the buttons on the left to define a mission and design a human spacecraft. Once you have made your selections, you can run a mission and render the results using our model. Additionally, you can customize your mission and design choices throughout this process to see how your specific choices impact the crewmembers’ performance.

What is the Purpose?

We strive to enable safe and productive human spaceflight by organizing, analyzing, and sharing knowledge about research in space.

Existing challenges to be solved

1) Finding data linking design choices to human performance.

2) Verifying fulfullment of requirements for human spacecraft.

3) Connecting different factors that affect human performance.

These challenges are tackled through the structure of this preliminary framework, where we sought to gather information and disseminate it in an useful fashion.

Framework Architecture

Complexity increases as you progress through the framework layers. The research layer is a searchable database collection tool that can be used to find related work or filter to identify gaps.

Design requirements are necessary for spacecraft developers. By connecting requirements to research findings, we aim to help designers understand the constraints, limitations, and reasoning behind each requirement and leverage resources to guide design analysis and evaluation. Linking design choices to measures of human health and performance is a critical yet cumbersome task. Our predictive model and research database currently incorporate a fraction of the factors that affect human performance. Future scientific investigation will allow the model to improve as more data can be collected.

Define Your Mission

This will drive the requirements of your spacecraft.

Select Destination:

Design Your Spacecraft

The spacecraft design sets the internal environment in which the astronauts directly interface. These design choices

Apollo Class

10 cubic meters

Shuttle Class

100 cubic meters

ISS Class

1000 cubic meters

Customizable Parameters

Pending phase 2 funding, we will be enabling the following options:

Task Profile

This is a summary of what mission overview entails or why its important or something else important.


Research from within craft


Manual craft piloting and external research


In-space assembly and repair

Mission Summary

This summarizes the mission, spacecraft design, and task list.

Mission Definition

Mission Name: Enteprise

Destination: Moon

Duration: 14 Days

Number of Crew: 3

Spacecraft Design

Shuttle Class


High Workload

Mission Summary

Below is a summary of the model's output for your selections.