Human Spaceflight Research Database

Having a central platform for gathering and sharing decades worth of research from space is essential in preserving the collective knowledge and lessons learned from human spaceflight. By organizing the data and categorizing the type of evidence that relate specific stressors to health and performance impacts, it can also help to reveal gaps in the research. 

While this is by no means a comprehensive database, this early pilot work establishes a simple structure for collecting research results and organizing the information in various categories. As more research articles are aggregated into the database, we can identify more relationships connections.

The Framework

The framework leveraged in this work covers five main aspects:

1)     Crewmember health and capability measures are a proxy for crewmember performance.

2)     Crewmember capabilities are resources that can be depleted or replenished over the mission due to three sources: the environment they are in, their overall health, and the tasks they have done.

3)     Since the spacecraft design influences the crewmember’s environment we can directly tie the design selections to their impacts on crewmember capabilities.

4)     We can also map the spacecraft design process one step higher to the mission design process to identify mission planning considerations that will drive specific operation selection which affect the spacecraft design and the tasks that the crewmembers will execute.

5)     This model attempts to bridge the systems engineering process with the knowledge and foundations of human-centered design, and human factors research into a cohesive framework.


The Model

A computational model was developed following the foundation of the framework. This early model concept was derived as a series of linear mappings between the interacting components of the crewmembers, the spacecraft, and the operations. The mapping between each component is represented by a series of tables. The flow diagram below provides an overview of what information is being transferred at each time step of the model run.